Mary Higgins Clark – I’ll Walk Alone

I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark is one of her many suspense novels.

This story had a release date of April 5, 2011.

I’ll Walk Alone book description

Alexandra “Zan” Moreland, a gifted, beautiful interior designer on the threshold of a successful Manhattan career, is terrified to discover that somebody is not only using her credit cards and manipulating her financial accounts to bankrupt her and destroy her reputation, but may also be impersonating her in a scheme that may involve the much more brutal crimes of kidnapping and murder.

Zan is already haunted by the disappearance of her own son, Matthew, kidnapped in broad daylight two years ago in Central Park.

Now, on what would be Matthew’s fifth birthday, photos surface that seem to show Zan kidnapping her own child, followed by a chain of events that suggests somebody – but who? Zan asks herself desperately, and why? – has stolen her identity

What she does not realize is that with every step she takes toward the truth, she is putting herself – and those she loves most – in mortal danger from the person who has ingeniously plotted out her destruction.

Mary Higgins Clark I'll Walk Alone

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