Mary Higgins Clark – Moonlight Becomes You

Mary Higgins Clark’s Moonlight Becomes You is a suspense book by the novelist.

This story was published on April 18, 1996.

Moonlight Becomes You book description

At a party in Manhattan, Maggie Holloway — one of the fashion world’s most successful photographers — is thrilled to be reunited with her beloved stepmother.

A widow now, Nuala Moore is equally delighted to see her long-lost stepdaughter, and she invites Maggie to spend a few weeks at her home in Newport, Rhode Island. But when Maggie arrives, she finds Nuala murdered, apparently by a burglar.

Heartbroken, Maggie is stunned to learn she had inherited Nuala’s stunning Victorian home…and horrified when she begins to suspect that Nuala’s death was not random, but part of a diabolical plot conceived by a twisted mind.

When Nuala’s dear old friend, Greta Shipley, dies suddenly of supposedly natural causes, Maggie is convinced that there is a link between these two and other recent deaths among the older women of Newport.

What she doesn’t realize is that she has now become a target for the killer as well, and that each clue she uncovers brings her closer to an unimaginable fate.

Mary Higgins Clark Moonlight Becomes You

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