Mary Higgins Clark – Nighttime Is My Time

Mary Higgins Clark’s Nighttime Is My Time is a suspense novel by the bestselling writer.

This book was published on April 6, 2004.

Nighttime Is My Time book description

Historian Jean Sheridan returns to Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, excited about her twenty-year high-school reunion at Stonecroft Academy. But a dear friend of hers soon becomes the fifth woman in the class to meet a sudden, mysterious end.

Then Jean receives a taunting fax about a child she gave up for adoption, whose existence she had kept a secret but whose life may now be in danger.

For present at the reunion is The Owl, a murderer on a mission of vengeance against women who once humiliated him…and Jean is his final intended victim.

Mary Higgins Clark Nighttime Is My Time

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